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Georgian Longcase Clock

28 Jul Georgian Longcase Clock

Before the main restoration of this rather grand piece could commence, the clock was needed to be stabilized and the trunk, plinth and cornice of the hood secured. As ever we carried out a full Rentokil treatment as well as a sympathetic reviving clean, polish...

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Mahogany Handrail

22 Jul 1850 Mahogany Handrail

We needed to reconstruct some of the compound corners, lift and relay all of the top cross grain veneer and patch where necessary. A Rentokil treatment was required as well as a revive and repolish of all parts to a wax finish....

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18th Century Dutch Marquetry Bureau Cabinet

22 Jul 18th Century Dutch Marquetry Bureau Cabinet

The project required us to refit one foot and extensively secure all of the loose marquerty. We had to sort out all of the internal cabinet work splits in the drawers as well as replace the drawer runners. The piece needed a Rentokil treatment and...

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Edwardian Cabinet

07 Oct Edwardian Cabinet

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Irish Oak Hall Chair 1810

07 Oct Irish Oak Hall Chair 1810

This chair arrived in bits in a large polystyrene food box after being in a shed for 20 years on the west coat of Ireland. The project required extensive rebuilding the structure, a thorough clean, Rentokil treatment and full repolish to match its pair....

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