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Chicken Coop Table

16 Nov Chicken Coop Table


Table - after the chickens

This piece came out of a chicken coop where it had resided for a while.  Unfortunately what the chickens were doing to it was rotting the decorative veneer on the top!

A previous owner had converted it into a chest of drawers. What I had to do was convert it back into its original form which was a serving table.

Initially I had to remove the top and the panels on three sides and any additional modifications, reinstate the sub-timber for the front rail and cross members, patch up the legs to reinstate the chamfer. I also had to make five decorative corner motifs to match the single one that remained.


Table stripped and strengthened

Table top

The drawer front was then refitted to the new timber sub-frame, recreating the old rail and the ends of the rail were then patched and then extensive repatching of the top and edges was undertaken.


The table was reassembled. Having cut back the surplus timber the wood was then treated to preserve and protect it from potential insect damage. The surfaces were then sympathetically cleaned. All renewed timber was treated both in terms of colour and condition to match the remaining timbers which still had their original finish. The ‘new’ timber was taken from stock contemporary with the table.

Treating the surface of the table
Highly polished table

We then worked on restoring the patination of the frame using and blending the top to match using a variety of specialist stains. Next the piece was French Polished to the customer’s requirements and finally it was given a soft wax finish.

From start to finish this piece required over 150 hours of work on it until I was satisfied with the beautiful end result.

The finished object